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There are several different types of treatment available. Once you’ve chosen the surgery, you would likely still need to be reviewed by the surgeons in Turkey for them to confirm you’re fully suitable for the treatment.

To ensure you are suitable for the treatment, you will be required to produce recent images and x-rays of your teeth (if possible).




Boost your confidence and self esteem

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of suitable materials used to replace the lost teeth for treatment purposes. Together with the bone tissue, the dental implant comes to function as a natural tooth in time

There are different types of surgery that can be completed to provide the most suitable implants to the patient.

The different options you can choose are listed below…

Open Surgery

Open Surgery

Restore your broken and lost teeth with a perfect natural replacement

During the surgery, your surgeon will make a cut to your gum to expose the bone. Holes are drilled into the bone, where the dental implant metal post will be placed. Since the post will serve as the tooth root, it is implanted deep into the bone. When the procedure is finished, the lacerated area is closed. In some cases when there is not enough jawbone to support an implant, bone grafting or sinus lift may be needed before or during the surgery.

Flapless surgery

Guided / Flapless Surgery

The permanent solution for an irresistible smile

In this method, the dental tomographic image and in-mouth measurements of the patient are taken and used to prepare a surgical guide of the area where the implant will be placed. This guide helps the surgeon to place the dental implant without cutting and removing the gums. There are no scalpel-cut tooth areas.

Guided surgery method is more comfortable for patients. It shortens the surgery time. There is less bleeding and pain after surgery and no cutting or stitches at surgery. It offers a shorter recovery time for the patient.

Immediate Implant

Immediate Implant

Gain your new smile in just one day

In many cases, it is possible to place a dental implant into the socket of the removed tooth right after the extraction. This method is similar to the Guided Surgery method in that it does not involve any flaps or surgical cuts. On the other hand, it is also similar to the open surgery method since it enables the surgeon to visually observe the bone area where the dental implant will be placed. 

It is quite an advantageous method as it shortens the time required for the procedure and that it does not require a second operation. After the dental implant surgery, a temporary crown or a temporary denture is often put into the toothless area of the patient. Yet, the use of temporary dentures is not a requirement for all cases.



Fix chipped teeth with impeccable results

A veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth, veneers improve the aesthetics of a smile and/or protect the tooth’s surface from damage.

Veneers can be a long-lasting solution to perfect your smile. Veneers are bespoke and the surgery is simple and effective. It is a non-invasive treatment and the veneers are stain resistant.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain Fillings

Fill your cavities and strengthen your teeth

This treatment is provided to fill any missing parts of a tooth with porcelain.

Porcelain is highly durable and therefore acts as a perfect solution to filling any required holes in the tooth.

Zircona Based Porcelain Crowns

Replace your crowns with a long-term durable solution

Zirconia is a metal from the titanium family. It’s known for its durability, therefore makes a suitable metal to use for crowns.

Zirconia is used as the infrastructure for the crown.

Zirconia is an inexpensive metal and therefore can be a cheaper solution.


Tooth Whitening

The professional way to lighten your teeth

Tooth Whitening involves the bleaching of the teeth to remove any stains.

The teeth are analysed initially to review the colour before the treatment and then once again afterwards, so the colour change is visible.

Teeth whitening completed by a qualified dental technician can provide efficient and reliable results. The procedure can lighten the teeth by 3-4 shades and also protects the natural structure of the teeth.


White fillings are composite fillings which are durable and resistant and provide the same colour as natural teeth. There is no toxic material used in these fillings and there is no requirement to remove any of the healthy tooth tissue.

Bruxism is classed as a modern-day disease with issues being associated with stress. The teeth can become cracked or fractured with sensitivity in the teeth most commonly due to grinding the teeth during sleep.

Night Bite Plates made from hard plastics can be prescribed to stop the eroding of the teeth.

Local anaesthetic is used on the patient whilst the decaying parts of the tooth are cleared. Nerve tissues are removed to save the tooth rather than it being removed.

Periodontology is the procedure used to remove gum disease where the gums can be inflamed or receding.
The treatment will consist of scaling and oral hygiene. Plaque, tartar and stains can be removed, and it may be necessary to perform root planning operations if the bone has been affected by the disease.

Orthodontic treatment can vary from patient to patient as removable braces or fixed braces can be applied depending on the patients teeth.

The process can be lengthy with the treatment taking several months and requiring regular check-ups, however the results ensure the patient retains their natural teeth and the procedure is long lasting.

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